The Difference

Located in the heart of Chelsea, Paws in Chelsea (Paws Inn) first opened its doors in September 1993. We are one of New York City’s first pet hotels, and one of its most experienced doggy daycare centres. We were the first cage free dog boarding establishment in NYC. We provide a boutique experience, with flexibility tailored to each one of our customer’s unique needs.

Our Boarding Philosophy

In pioneering the concept of social dog boarding over 24 years ago, our philosophy has been simple: Provide a clean, safe, well chaperoned environment in which to board dogs socially.
We believe that dogs, gregarious by nature, have excellent social skills and that the company of one another helps diminish the anxiety of boarding and being away from home. To see them together, either in playful moods or totally relaxed, or to see the friendships borne in our establishment is to understand the humanity of our concept. A wagging tail is what we’re all about; it’s our goal and our greatest reward.
Constant human touch and a homey environment are also fundamental to our boarding philosophy. With our staff of devoted animal lovers and the singular attention we give each pet, it’s natural that we get to know our boarders. The scratch behind the ear or the Eskimo kiss is an instinct we don’t have to coach.
We’re the first to tell you that our concept isn’t suitable for all dogs. However, for those with a neighborly disposition, you will find no better environment for both the physical and emotional care your pet deserves.


  • 170109_014255_12Cageless day and night with 24 hour supervision.
  • We create a family atmosphere where the staff, the dogs, and our customers know each
  • Small playgroups with dogs compatible in size and disposition.
  • No temperament test – we try our utmost to live by ‘no dog left behind’
  • Climate controlled environment.
  • Accommodation of special dietary needs and administration of medication at no additional charge.
  • No membership fees.



Paws In Chelsea

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