Some FAQs


QUESTION: If I get fleas is a flea bath all I need?

ANSWER: Definitely not. Flea season generally lasts all summer through November. In that time eggs continue to hatch both on you and in your home. At the same time you are having your flea bath at Paws in Chelsea, you must make sure your “people” vacuum all carpets and throw out the vacuum cleaner bag. They should launder all the linens and your bed as well. They should go to the vet (or pet store) and pick up a good “premise spray” which will be used under all the furniture, cushions, etc. They should use up about 1/2 the can. Then they must set off flea bombs in all rooms of the house. After several hours you can all return safely…a flea free pet to a flea free environment. Remember to cover plants and get all creatures out before bombs are set off.

Also, remember to do the car.Use remaining premise spray after about 2 weeks even if your are no longer seeing evidence of fleas. Some dogs and cats are allergic to flea bites. Usually once the fleas are gone the bite marks and all associated discomfort will dissipate. If it continues, ask your people to take you to see your vet-he or she can give you something to alleviate the itching. (What a week…first a fleabath then a vet visit!!!)



QUESTION: Must I neuter my pet? How about 1 litter first?

ANSWER: Unless you intend to deliberately breed, neutering is recommended.

It prevents unwanted pregnancies (hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs are euthanized yearly)

Medically it is extremely important. Especially for females who might otherwise develop mammary tumors and pyometras (uterine infections) both of which can be deadly if not caught in time.

It makes for calmer dogs, lessens anxiety, eliminates marking territory, it reduces that “hump or die” attitude and dispels aggression.


QUESTION: Must I keep I.D. tags on my pets?

ANSWER: It is very important┬áto keep tags on your dog’s collar. Ideally the tag should have the dogs name, address and phone number. However, at the very least, a phone number will do.

You never know what circumstances might arise that could cause you to be separated from your pet. A pet tag gives both of you a fighting chance to be reunited. Having your pet tattooed or chipped is another alternative but requires that the finder bring him/her to the vet.

If you ever do lose your pet in the street, here are some Lost & Founds you can try to begin the search. You will want to try every available option. And don’t forget to post flyers throughout the city – NOT only in your neighborhood. A person who finds your pet and takes it in, may live in a completely different area and not even know anyone is looking for him/her.


Also contact us if this occurs anywhere in the vicinity. People will generally notify us when they find lost animals and we have happily matched up lost pets with their owners many times.